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About Us and Our Beef

We believe in beef with no added hormones. The beef we sell has never been fed antibiotics.  It is federally inspected.  We have never fed any animal proteins to our cattle, even when it was legal to do so.
We feel this is one thing that separates our beef from what you will find at your local grocer.  We can say where our beef comes from....

Pasture/Vegetable Fed but Not Overly Fat
Our beef is raised on pasture with access to vegetable screenings from a frozen vegetable plant.  These screenings consist of peas, corn, carrots, lima beans, and other wet vegetables.  We feel this gives the best flavor and the most consistent product.  It is a silage that helps minimize the fat that high grain corn rations yield.

Minimal Fat
The most common comment we hear is that the hamburger fries up with little to no fat or grease left in the pan!  We feel we have done this without sacrificing flavor.

Dry Aging Ribs for Dinner! Enjoy!
Our beef is dry aged 18-21 days in a cooler before cutting and wrapping.  This does tremendous things for both the flavor and tenderness.  It is a major key as to why people say it is like no other beef they have ever had.

USDA Inspected
Our beef is USDA inspected at McCary’s Meats.  It is a small family run plant, which we like because we feel more attention to detail is important.  Bud and Marlene have been doing this for forty years.  A retired inspector once said it was the cleanest plant he had ever been in.  We feel the same.

Great Price
We don’t feel the need to gouge people just because we have a great product.  We offer smaller individual packs through bulk sizes to fill the freezer.

Cool Beef!


In the past, many people have associated frozen meat with lesser quality. However, we feel that can be a huge misperception.

Our meat is frozen because we feel it is the best way to ensure a consistently good and safe product. It allows us to deliver a dry aged product with superior flavor and tenderness.

It also allows us to have a very safe product. Frozen meat keeps longer. You aren't exposed to "grinding and mixing," where meat that has come close to expiration is actually ground and mixed into hamburger.

We don't do large batches and you won't hear our name associated with large meat recalls.







Proud member of the Oregon Beef Council.


Pat~n~Tam's Beef. Pat and Tammy Mallon of Stanfield, Oregon Ph. 541-567-7461 Rockin_tp@yahoo.com

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